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デニスがシリアルを食べているときにフランクが誤ってデニスの車にぶつかったとき、フランクとデニスは誰が損害賠償を支払うかについて対決するために水田のパブ裁判所に行きます。 フランクとデニスがギャングの他のメンバーに訴訟を提起し(ディーとチャーリーが弁護士を務め、マックが裁判官/廷吏を務める)、裁判所はパディーズパブで審理中です。その結果、彼らの人生は永遠に変わるでしょう…しかしあまり。 私のリーガルリアリズムグレードの最後まで滞在してください! 毎週新しいエピソード! ここで購読:ここでもっと多くの本物の弁護士の反応を見つけることができます(スーツへの私の反応、ベター・コール・ソール、少数の善人など):★私の好きなもののいくつか★(リンクをクリックするとチャンネルが本当に役立ちます)カスタムスーツ:ネクタイ:ネクタイピン/バー:ポケットチーフ:▶なぜインドチーノスーツなのか? (プレミアムスーツの50%オフ+送料無料) [ Off-the-rack suits NEVER fit right. Indochino makes fully custom suits that fit perfectly using any material I want, with all of the options I want. And they cost 1/3rd of what normal suits costs. I’ve purchased them with my own money for years, so I’m thrilled they are now a sponsor.

▶ Why Ties from TheTieBar? (Free shipping on orders over $50) [ Normal ties are too fat. Skinny ties are too skinny. So these days I only wear ties that are exactly 2.5” wide. They are fashionable without being hipster. You see them in all of my videos. TieBar ties are perfect, come in every color I want, and never cost more than $19.

▶ Why these Tie Clips? [ It’s really hard to find affordable tie clips that are the right size (1.5”), look good, and are great quality. These tie bars are all three. Plus the 3-pack gives a variety of styles. They pair perfectly with 2.5” ties from TheTieBar (above).

▶ Why these Pocket Squares? [ I like my pocket squares perfectly, well, square. Like straight-out-of-Mad-Men square. The only way to do that is with a stiffer material that keeps its shape. I’ve exhaustively tried dozens of pocket squares, and these are by far the best. It’s how I get the perfectly flat pocket square you see in my videos.

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